To become a member of the CROP 20 Plus Club and win a free T-shirt, individual walkers must either obtain 20 or more sponsors before the walk or collect $500 in pledges. Anyone, youth or adult, is eligible.

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2016 20+ Club

The 20+ Club had 26 members from 9 faith communities and 5 towns this year.

20+ Club Members for 2016

  • Chuba Udokwu, Church of the Good Shepherd, Acton

  • Rev. Howard Dana, First Parish in Concord

  • Sara and Stoney Ballard, First Parish in Concord

  • Casey Rogers, Memorial Congregational, Sudbury

  • Deb Keeney, Memorial Congregational, Sudbury

  • Jill Baker, Memorial Congregational, Sudbury

  • Sandra Summers, Memorial Congregational, Sudbury

  • Terry Keeney, Memorial Congregational, Sudbury

  • Tom O’Brien, Memorial Congregational, Sudbury

  • Claire Moir, Pilgrim Congregational, Lexington

  • Donald Moir, Pilgrim Congregational, Lexington

  • John Pepi, St. Bridget’s, Maynard

  • St. Bridget’s Confirmation Class, St. Bridget’s, Maynard

  • Amy Carr, St. John’s Lutheran, Sudbury

  • Carrie Stamos, St. John’s Lutheran, Sudbury

  • Duane Packard, St. John’s Lutheran, Sudbury

  • Earl Baucom, St. John’s Lutheran, Sudbury

  • Earl Roberson, St. John’s Lutheran, Sudbury

  • Johanna Ellis, St. John’s Lutheran, Sudbury

  • Lizzy Smith, St. John’s Lutheran, Sudbury

  • Lorraine Smith, St. John’s Lutheran, Sudbury

  • Ben Kendrick, St. Matthew’s Methodist, Acton

  • Winston Thompson, St. Matthew’s Methodist, Acton

  • Carl Miller, Trinitarian Congregational, Concord

  • Fred White, Trinitarian Congregational, Concord

  • Douglas Robblee, Union Congregational, Maynard