The Concord CROP Walk
Frank Bradshaw Award

This award is presented annually in honor of Frank Bradshaw. Frank was an inspiration not only to his fellow walkers from Trinity Episcopal Church, but to many others who admired his spirit and loyalty to the cause. He made outstanding contributions to CROP Walk by raising an amount totaling many times over the expected amount raised each year by other individual walkers. The extraordinary results of his fundraising efforts were due to his wide personal connections, particularly in his neighborhood and in the Trinity Episcopal Church community.

2016 Recipient

2016 Bradshaw Claire Don Moir

2016 - Claire & Don Moir (Don on left, Claire in middle)
Pilgrim Congregational Church, Lexington

Carl Miller recruited us in 2010 to organize a group from Pilgrim Congregational Church in Lexington to participate in the 2010 CROP Walk, and we've stuck with it ever since. So, this year will be our 7th year. We've had groups as small as three and as large as 7 walking with us from Pilgrim over the years, and we've raised from $350 to over $1,000 in each of the past 6 years. We've been lucky with the weather; I think every walk was beautiful. We lived in Lexington for 15 years; we moved to Concord in 2006 but remain members of Pilgrim.

Past Recipients

Betsy Swaim

2015 - Betsy Swaim
Trinitarian Congregational Church, Concord

I have been walking for the CROP Walk for a long time. I have walked it through raising 2 children and 2 name changes. I walked it when it was 10 miles. Once it was shortened, I walked it twice for several years. My thinking was, I walked every day, 5 miles was really not a significant effort for me. I have walked this walk with my kids, sometimes alone, in recent years I have walked with my godson Nicolas Roos, and his family. Always, I love doing this walk, this time of year, for this mission. I love the many others who also walk for this common cause. I appreciate the support of all those who encourage and pledge. I have no doubt the CROP Walk started with only a handful of people looking to have an impact on hunger, not unlike the Boston Walk for Hunger.  It is amazing what a few people, time and effort can accomplish!

Barbara Weiblen

2014 - Barbara Weiblen
St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sudbury

Barbara Weiblen has been a very faithful and committed walker for decades – since the 1980’s. She has raised about $500 every year for over the last 10 years, and over $1000 the last two year in the Concord CROP Hunger Walk. Barbara is a key member of a large, dedicated group of congregation members of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church Sudbury, that takes part in the walk annually and one year was the recruiter for the her church’s group. They have walked in memory of Madeline Drop, a former congregation member, and she has walked with her sister, with her good friend Ann Kirk, and with her husband. Barbara was educated and trained in biosciences, and retired last April from SeraCare Lift Sciences, where she was involved as an immunologist in new product design.

Frank Austin

2013 - Frank Austin
Church of the Good Shepherd, Acton

Frank is recognized for his dedicated, faithful support of CROP Walk hunger relief as church recruiter for more than 20 years. Moreover, his efforts have encouraged fellow members at Church of the Good Shepherd to walk, including motivating youth group leaders and parents/youth to take part in the CROP Walk. A civil engineer, Austin is also a talented drummer and bandleader of The Original Shepherd’s Pie Dixieland Band, and has played with the Yankee Stompers after the CROP Walk several times.

Terry and Debbie Keeney

2012 - Terry and Debbie Keeney
Memorial Congregational Church, Sudbury

Terry and Debbie are recognized for their dedication and faithfulness in helping the most needy over many years. They have raised a significant amount in the CROP Walk for many years, including $1000 - $1500 for each of the last seven years. In addition, they have inspired youth participation in the Walk the last two year. Moreover, they also have been Leadership Circle walkers in the Walk for Hunger for many years.

Fred White

2011 - Fred White
Union Congregational Church, Maynard

Fred has taken part in the CROP Walk for 10 years and gathers many, many sponsors (written on at least three walk papers!). He has raised $700 to $900 in each of the last five years for hunger relief.

Ruth and Mike Gural

2010 - Ruth and Mike Gural
First Church of Christ, Bedford

Ruth and Mike are very successful recruiters over nearly 20 years for First Church of Christ, Bedford. They motivate and recruit about 15 middle school youth, with a few parents, every year. The youth all win 20 Plus Club free T Shirts each year (for having 20 or more sponsors). Their walkers raise a very significant amount annually, typically between $1500 and $3000.

Laura and Chris Lindhop

2009 - Laura and Chris Lindhop
Trinitarian Congregational Church, Concord

The award is given in gratitude for their unflagging enthusiasm, generous support, and wonderful fundraising efforts every year for the Walk.