Information for Walkers

Walkers participate in the CROP Walk by

  1. Getting their walking papers
  2. Signing up sponsors who pledge or donate money
  3. Showing up at the CROP Walk before step-off
  4. Having a great time walking the route
  5. Collecting any outstanding pledges
  6. Turning in the walking papers with the collected donations

The following articles have more information.

You can still sponsor a walker, or just donate to the CROP Walk online through the Concord CROP page of the CROP Hunger Walk web site. Walkers can also accept cash or checks.  Checks should be made payable to CWS/CROP.

To become a member of the CROP 20 Plus Club and win a free T-shirt, individual walkers must either obtain 20 or more sponsors before the walk or collect $500 in pledges. Anyone, youth or adult, is eligible.

We thank our dedicated Banner Contest Judges: Sue Funk and Ron Darzen.

We had six banner groups.

The judges decided that the Junior Youth Group of First Religious Society in Carlisle, led by Jackie Schaefer, had the most original and creative banner of "crops actually walking!".

The other group recognized was the Neighboring Activists, from First Parish, Concord, led by Stuart Johnstone. The 7th grade had a "spunky" banner, that was well planned and had obvious effort put into it.

We welcomed the Westminister Congregational Church for their first year!!!

Dino's and Sorrento's from Concord donated pizza prizes.

Youth groups and Sunday/Sabbath School classes are invited to enter. Create a big colorful banner about what our CROP Walk does. Put your group's name on it, and bring it to the walk. Groups will gather under the "Banner Contest" sign for the "Banner Parade."

The winning group wins a pizza party! (pdf)

Your group's banner can be made of almost anything – an old sheet, muslin, felt – whatever captures your fancy! You may want to have your group make their CROP banner several weeks before the Walk so that you can display it and use it as publicity for the Walk.

All banners must be registered . Don't forget to bring your if you haven't sent it in by the walk date.

Winners from 2015

Junior Youth Group of First Religious Society in Carlisle

Junior Youth Group of First Religious Society in Carlisle

Neighboring Activists from First Parish in Concord

Neighboring Activists, from First Parish, Concord

Teens! Kids!

Help design next year’s T-shirts or a Crop poster. Bring your design with you to the CROP Walk or create a design in the ART CONTEST area when you finish walking.

If your design is chosen, you’ll get a free T-shirt.

Special Activities

Musical Entertainment

The Concord-Carlisle High School Pep Band, directed by David Gresko, will provide pre-walk musical entertainment beginning at 1:30 p.m.